Lead Datacenter Engineer

We are looking for a lead datacenter engineer. You will be working in the “Infra” team, maintaining and expanding our energy and cooling efficient datacenters.

For our new cloud strategy, we want our datacenter/infrastructure team having intense focus on the following two things:

What will you be doing?

What are your strengths?

You have a hands-on mentality, are very pragmatic. You are schooled in computer science, and preferably also electrical engineering. Organizing, and making things neat and presentable are one of your favorite things.

What do you need?

Working at BetterBe

BetterBe is transforming the global mobility market, delivering world-class internet services that truly improve (international) car leasing. With its SaaS product, BetterBe LeaseServices (BLS), BetterBe operates at the heart of the world’s largest mobility providers and (auto) leasing companies. As a strategic partner for the customer, the transformation to customer-focused and modern mobility solutions is successfully executed. Long-term (customer) relationships and the focus on continuity are important pillars.

You will work in an organization where the common passion for technology is applied to improve the modern society. BetterBe is divided into several teams managing and developing applications or infrastructure. You will be working in the Infrastructure team.


Apply by sending an e-mail with your motivation and CV to

About BetterBe

BetterBe is transforming the global mobility market. In this market, car ownership is shifting to car use (subscriptions). In addition, the end-user of mobility is becoming central. The biggest driver in this transformation is the use of digital technology. BetterBe develops and delivers a platform for this digital transformation. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, it is deep in the core business of its international clients and provides online sales channels, among other things.

BetterBe works for the largest international clients in the EU. Through its next level approach to car leasing and with its API (application programming interface) based SaaS platform, it enables clients to move faster, think bigger and stay ahead in the rapidly changing and increasingly sustainable mobility market.

The BetterBe LeaseServices (BLS) is a superior software solution for the automotive leasing market. This specialized API generates real-time calculations of complex financial lease products across all possible configurations of lease cars. In addition, the application offers versatile possibilities for asset management and for the management and enrichment of customer-specific user data. With this they serve clients from the European top 10 in the leasing industry, including leading names such as Volkswagen, LeasePlan, Directlease and PSA Finance (Peugeot/Citroën), Daimler and BMW. BetterBe employs more than 45 people with a shared passion. The management structure is flat and the atmosphere is driven and committed.

BetterBe has close links with the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences and is co-founder of the Twente University Center for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR).

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