Information Security Officer

As an Information Security Officer within BetterBe, you act as the centre of the organization when it comes to information security. It is up to you to formulate, monitor and implement the information security policy. In addition to your professional knowledge, you have a strong personality, you are customer-oriented and you create support.

BetterBe is a Software as a Service company that provides (via API) an online sales channel to leading and global customers in the automotive leasing market. This means that services must meet high international standards. The focus in this role is on security, compliance and risk assessments.

You advise from an independent position on information security, information security risks and IT security risks. You have an advisory role towards management and the board and will lead the Security and Compliance team. With your knowledge, experience and personality you know how to further shape the policy and bring the security of information to a higher level.

You will be a co-builder of a Scale-Up company, a financially stable fast-growing organization, without a corporate culture. This means you get to build a lot and there is a lot of room to shape everything. You are operationally strongly involved and set the strategic frameworks. Of course you do not avoid discussion with the management. The goal is to create a Security and Compliance organization that in a few years will justify the position of CISO.


What we are asking


Siebert & Wassink has been asked by BetterBe to support the recruitment and selection process for the position of Information Security Officer.

Responding to this position can be done up to and including June 5th, 2022. The first interviews will be conducted by Ilona Vruggink at Siebert & Wassink in week 23. Follow-up interviews with BetterBe are scheduled in week 24.

We aim to complete the procedure before July 1st.

Please apply here by means of a motivation and a CV. For more information, please contact Ilona Vruggink.

t: 053 – 480 35 50
m: 06 – 28 36 22 85

About BetterBe

BetterBe is transforming the global mobility market. In this market, car ownership is shifting to car use (subscriptions). In addition, the end-user of mobility is becoming central. The biggest driver in this transformation is the use of digital technology. BetterBe develops and delivers a platform for this digital transformation. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, it is deep in the core business of its international clients and provides online sales channels, among other things.

BetterBe works for the largest international clients in the EU. Through its next level approach to car leasing and with its API (application programming interface) based SaaS platform, it enables clients to move faster, think bigger and stay ahead in the rapidly changing and increasingly sustainable mobility market.

The BetterBe LeaseServices (BLS) is a superior software solution for the automotive leasing market. This specialized API generates real-time calculations of complex financial lease products across all possible configurations of lease cars. In addition, the application offers versatile possibilities for asset management and for the management and enrichment of customer-specific user data. With this they serve clients from the European top 10 in the leasing industry, including leading names such as Volkswagen, LeasePlan, Directlease and PSA Finance (Peugeot/Citroën), Daimler and BMW. BetterBe employs more than 45 people with a shared passion. The management structure is flat and the atmosphere is driven and committed.

BetterBe has close links with the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences and is co-founder of the Twente University Center for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR).

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