Calculate pricing real time, based on your custom settings

From company-specific ruling to individual customer parameters: our API can keep track of all your price related settings, and still show you the price updates real time. Even if you add or delete an option, switch to a different colour, or select another trim level. In real time. Really.

Superior price customization

With our price customization options, you have fine-grained control over who sees which lease price and when. You can customize pricing for individual customers and different types of leasing products, offer (temporary) dealer- or customer discounts, and even generate prices dynamically, based on your preferred data source.

Exhaustive historical price data

For compliancy requirements, recalculation purposes, or any other reason you might need it: we give you full access to comprehensive pricing information. With this you can track pricing over time, recalculate a lease contract, or help a customer with an expired quote. And we keep any changes made by your data provider or by you stored and searchable.

Our API is ready to use and meets all standards:


Secure and compliant

Compliant with all European privacy regulations.
BetterBe is ISAE 3402 type II compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Easily scalable

High availability platform >99.9%. Triple elastic active-active-active data centres.

Expert Support

Strategic partner to realize your company goals. Technical training of your IT-, sales and back office staff.
Red carpet access to knowledgable and service oriented prof...

High performance

Suitable for the most complex lease calculations. Market leading performance.

Flawless integration

Smooth integration with your other business solutions, back office and external data sources.