Case Arval (BNP Paribas)

Ensuring a fully configured car that is ready to order

Arval, part of the BNP Paribas Group, uses car data management and car configuration in a service oriented way. Assisted by us, they implemented the BetterBe SaaS solution in over ten European countries.

A configuration succes story for Arval

Data support and process improvement

“BetterBe ensures that car-data from a variety of sources such as JATO and EuroTax is accessible for the Arval backoffice systems” explains Remko Flore, Product Owner for BetterBe.

This makes it possible to search, create reports and get insight into the impact of data mutations. BetterBe also helps Arval sort and categorise car-option-data, which helps to prevent conflicts when choosing options. Data can be managed and set up on a per country basis through a unified user interface.

“Because we use BetterBe’s LeaseServices API, we can use car data from different car-data-providers from different countries without any hassle.”
Marius Wijnen IT Director Europe & Mediterranean at Arval - BNP

Successful collaboration between Arval and BetterBe

The configuration part of the LeaseService API, an essential part of the Arval sales process, ensures a car that is ready to order. It has been successfully implemented in more than 10 European countries.

Marius Wijnen, IT Director Europe & Mediterranean at Arval, says “By using the LeaseServices API we don’t have to worry about synchronisation issues that go along with using a variety of car-data-providers. Our backoffice system simply requests what we need. BetterBe has been helpful with the skilled and speedy implementations in the various countries. Their support staff is also very qualified.”

Tijs Keuper, support manager at BetterBe, says “Quarterly evaluations were an important part of our successful collaboration”.