Certifications and Assurance reports

Certification is a form of conformity assessment. Certification assesses whether a supplier, used process or sometimes a person meets the predefined certification requirements from the certification scheme. If it does, a certification body (CB) issues a certificate.

With the ISO 27001 certification, BetterBe B.V. wants to show to our stakeholders that all information security requirements are met. The certificate gives BetterBe B.V. opportunities to continuously improve its internal organisation. The ISO 27001 certificate helps BetterBe B.V. reduce information security risks and prevent incidents.

Assurance reports

By doing so, the service organisation demonstrates that its operations and services meet customer agreements and conform to prevailing standards in this area.

ISO 27001:2013

NEN-ISO/IEC 27001 is applied by BetterBe B.V. to the formulation of requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a management system for information security and the determination of the scope of this management system.

The certifying body Dekra tests the adequacy of the controls described for achieving the control objective and determines that their implementation during the Assurance reporting period is in accordance with the description.