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BetterBe grows and we are looking for new colleagues who can help us boost our organization to the next level. In our scale-up phase the whole ecosystem around our core business needs to be built. This means that we are no longer just looking for the best techies only, but also for people who can really add value in the areas of HR, Marketing/Communication, Customer Contact, User Experience and Training/Documentation.

Do you like to be part of meaningful growth? Then look below to see if we have an applicable vacancy. Also be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, because other interesting vacancies will follow soon!

What does BetterBe do?

BetterBe transforms the global mobility market. In this market, car ownership is shifting to car use (subscriptions). In addition, the end-user of mobility becomes the one to serve. The biggest driver in this transformation is the use of digital technology. BetterBe develops and delivers a platform to accelerate this digital transformation. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, we take the responsibility to improve the core of the business of our international customers such as the large car brands: e.g., VolksWagen, BMW, Stellantis and Mercedes as well as large financial organizations such as BNP Paribas.

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