Case PSA Finance (Peugeot and Citroën)

Exploring new markets by offering private lease online

PSA Finance can offer private lease through their online sales channel, by using our software. Consequently, they allow brands like Peugeot, DS and Citroën to tap into a whole new market: that of consumers.

A private lease success story for PSA finance

In 2014, PSA Finance had set their sights on entering the private lease market in the Netherlands swiftly and effectively.

For this project, they chose to collaborate with BetterBe and webbuilder Nubis. Amsterdam-based Nubis built the private lease website, making use of the LeaseServices API provided by BetterBe for anything lease-calculation related.

“We received a day of training from BetterBe and were able to get up and running quickly. The API is intuitive and easy to use. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas off the BetterBe support staff when you want to do very specific things with the API. They will help you do what you want to do efficiently.” says Remko Plasmeijer of Nubis.

“It is great to see that as a captive, we can create a complete and professional online sales channel from scratch for an entirely new product such as private lease.”
Sophieke Verhoeven Director of Marketing, PSA Finance Nederland B.V.

A better customer experience

Choosing a lease-car now happens without the help of the lease-company and without a lot of knowledge about cars. For PSA Finance this project was a step in the direction of customer self-service, which results in a better customer experience, more intense customer interaction and lower costs.

For BetterBe this was a great project to show how efficiently LeaseServices API can be used to set up an entirely new online sales channel, even for a completely new market such as private lease.