Optimize your business with these key features

We enrich car leasing companies with our API, that is available to you as SaaS (Software as a Service). Therefore you have no development costs, but a fixed monthly fee. No extensive time-to-market, but ready-to-use best practices. No implementation problems, but a smooth integration with your existing IT.

In addition, you won’t have to secure and maintain costly database licences or recruit DBA-ers. We can handle all asset management; obtaining real time data – from one or multiple sources – and keeping it stored and searchable, for compliancy reasons, recalculations, et cetera.


Asset Management

Leasing transforms to customer centric mobility with vehicles as assets

Vehicles are valuable assets and involve lots of capital. Today’s financial oriented leasing companies require transparent, controllable and compliant registration of all transactions related to these assets. The set of processes that execute both vehicle data management and the data management of the related financial products is called Asset Management. Asset Management also covers intelligent data enrichment based on business rules formalized into scalable systems.

Unprecedented achievements, with our Application Programming Interface (API)

In this digital era, we all adopt digital innovations quickly. It is very rare that we are truly amazed by what software can do. But it does still happen. For instance, when we give a full presentation on our API and its features. Together with your IT specialists or App builders, we optimize your websites and mobile apps by letting our API do the difficult work. Our API performs all the complex leasing calculations and gives you access to all car data: vehicle specifications, available options, et cetera.

What our API can do for your business:

  • Combining our API with your existing IT turns your company into an agile, online champion. It frees you from doing the difficult parts, so you can focus on what you need to do: deal conversion.
  • Your sales staff can service customers up to 20% more efficiently. Where other APIs process a few dozen (lease)calculations per second, our API processes millions.
  • Customers can fully configure their ideal car. Based on detailed preferences (an Audi A7 Sportback with aluminum rims), ór starting from ‘I want a red town car with parking aid’.
  • Optimizes and formalizes existing processes to end up a car-to-staff ratio of up to 600. An achievement that most of our customers need to see with their own eyes :)

The API is ready to use and meets all standards:


Secure and compliant

Compliant with all European privacy regulations.
BetterBe is ISAE 3402 type II compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Easily scalable

High availability platform >99.9%. Triple elastic active-active-active data centres.

Expert Support

Strategic partner to realize your company goals. Technical training of your IT-, sales and back office staff.
Red carpet access to knowledgable and service oriented prof...

High performance

Suitable for the most complex lease calculations. Market leading performance.

Flawless integration

Smooth integration with your other business solutions, back office and external data sources.


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