Ride the wave of the megatrend

The Challenge

The mobility market changes. On the one hand we see the urge for sustainable mobility such as EV’s and hydrogen cars. On the other hand, we see the shift from ownership to usership. These two massive movements are identified as megatrends. Leasing companies are challenged to play the dominant role in these megatrends.

The megatrend from ownership to usership, basically boils down to Full Operational Leasing. This means that Full Operational Leasing, in all its appearances, plays a core role. Therefore, the traditional leasing companies are challenged to scale dramatically in the coming 5 years.

The challenge is to grow and to connect the new (digital native) mobility user. The only way to do this quick and precise is by going fully digital: as does the rest of the world where industries are in the midst of the 4th industrial (digital) revolution.

Going digital means changing the way of doing business.

First, from the most important perspective of the (new) digital-native mobility customer. This customer requires a full digital experience where it can search, configure, quote and order its mobility solution that meets its demands in an understandable and efficient (first-time-right) and interactive fashion. The latter is important to hook this new customer in a bi-directional way (e.g., to collect valuable customer demand information). Note that, a web scale quotation engine is key to service the customer demands.

Second, from a from a Business (or operational excellence) perspective. Scalability becomes key. Therefore, concepts such as First Time Right, Straight Through Processing, knowledge formalization are important to setup a highly scalable digital infrastructure. Moreover, the digital infrastructure empowers ‘continues process and business improvement’ and results digital cost levels, required to stay competitive.

Third, from an IT perspective there is the need for a centralized scalable global landscape. The architecture is strongly API based and consists of best of breed applications that serve the different capabilities. The unification of capabilities, e.g., a central unified calculation services simplifies the IT landscapes.

A toolbox that helps

BetterBe accelerates the digital transformation in the vehicle leasing industry. It has developed a digital transformation platform: the BetterBe LeaseServices (or briefly BLS), that empowers the interface between the leasing company and their (future) customers.
The Platform facilitates (vehicle) data management and web scale quotation services, including car configuration and lease calculation and advances and simplifies the search. It is a subscription based API – SaaS platform that is off the shelf, mature and ready to use. It puts you ahead in the race towards your digital future.