FEB 15, 2024

BetterBe SOC Reports are now available

BetterBe recently celebrated a major milestone: our System and Organization Control (SOC) reports have been completed for our BetterBe Leasing Service (BLS).

The SOC reports are relevant because some of our clients outsource their primary process to us, which is quite a unique and innovative model within automotive leasing business. Because of this, we must provide them with a comprehensive evaluation of our information security. By using the SOC standards for this, our clients have the means to give assurance to their stakeholders, such as shareholders and financial institutions like the European Central Bank.

Using the SOC Trust Service Criteria for security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality, the BetterBe Leasing Services was evaluated by an independent auditor. As a result, we generated SOC 2 ® and SOC 3 ® reports, globally recognized security auditing reports created using the SOC principles as developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA).

Our SOC 2 ® report can be requested by partners of BetterBe, and our SOC 3 ® report is publicly available, and can be downloaded here.