Accelerate your company into the future

Unleash the power of digital

What is happening? The world is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. The driving force is digital. Digital dematerializes, vaporizes and disrupts complete business processes. In particular at the interface between companies and their customers.

This transition becomes visible, also in the automotive leasing industry. Leasing companies strategically reposition their business from traditional Business to Business leasing towards Business to Consumer asset- and mobility suppliers.
The transition from ownership to Mobility as a Service emerges. Car producers invest in subscription models to increase their service offerings. Total mobility propositions get traction and Electrical Vehicles introduce new depreciation models.
All car leasing companies initiate digital transformation in order to claim their position in the new global mobility arena.

The market initiates change

Change is driven by your customer. This implies that a successful transformation starts with the ability to detect the customer needs and to adapt to these needs. New initiatives need to be launched in close contact with the customer user group in an extreme agile fashion.

This is exactly where the problems usually start. The existing back-offices, processes and IT landscapes are rigid and difficult to change. This is due to the never conquered business model (at least for the last 30 years) as well as the conservative company culture that has been established by that. The consequence is that change driven by the existing critical mass of the existing business is difficult to execute.

Therefore, change needs to be fueled by external forces, i.e. by the (new) customer groups.

The importance of Digital User Experience (DUX)

A modern mobility customer wants its mobility solutions at his or her fingertips, surfing from their couch on any device, getting exactly what he or she wants in a hassle-free manner. The only way to really reach, connect and communicate to your future customer is digitally. So, a distinguished user experience is a premise to get initially connected. Once connected with the new digital customer the world of additional services and propositions opens via the gateway you have established and own (instead of your competitor).

Accelerate your digital transformation

BetterBe LeaseServices (BLS) is designed to bridge the gap between the new fast and changing world and the traditional foundation of the leasing companies. It is the playground for all Digital initiatives, while securing the connection with the real world of doing profitable business in the still complex world of car leasing.

  • Its API gives Digital, the foundation to execute a distinguished digital user experience;
  • Its API is a platform to freely experiment, in collaboration with your customer, with new lease related mobility propositions;
  • It avoids building (new) products and offerings in your IT-back-office landscape;
  • It secures proper use of the real and complex leasing products in an compliant fashion.

The secret of BLS

BLS is designed from a digital internet perspective. It is intended to meet the highest digital requirements. The revolutionary core concept is that the three essential components for an outstanding digital experience are blended into one powerful API. These three components are:

  • Demand based search: get the optimal mobility solution based on simple human requirements;
  • World class configuration of cars and leasing products to secure first time right self-service models. Intelligent automatic build of accessories on cars;
  • High performance price calculator to instantly calculate the applicable solutions in the context of traditional leasing propositions as well as all kinds of new business models including CO2 and WLTP impact.

BLS is basically a formalization of your business, product and customer knowledge to facilitate maximum scalability. It supports data driven initiatives. It enables mass customization in global mobility.