Creating a better world with technology

Changing the world, one line of code at a time

One thing we love about technology: either it works, or it doesn’t. And when it works, it performs on the same level every day. Our flagship product is the BLS (BetterBe Leasing Services). A very powerful and elegant calculator and configurator in one, that performs millions of the most complex leasing calculations in mere seconds. Generating both feasible and makeable cars, completely according to the demands of your individual customer.

Customers can select every aspect of the vehicle, from the desired model, make and colour, down to the options and accessories. And of course, the BLS only shows results that are within your customers budget.

Technology for the greater good

It won’t surprise you that our development team is made up of young people. We share a great enthusiasm for technology, and over the years we discovered that all of us have something else in common. We want to make a difference. Our world is becoming more and more data and technology driven. These are invaluable tools for governments and corporations, for instance in decreasing the CO2-emission as we move toward a sustainable future. A very topical theme, even more as the implementation of WLTP is coming closer.

Technology plays an important part in bringing the world closer together. It enables individual consumers to make informed choices about the clothes they wear, the food they eat and the car they drive. With the right data, our BLS can perform calculations based on any customer value you can think of.

Tech talk

Our developers are best described as passionate, abstract thinkers, with the Internet in their DNA. BetterBe didn’t originate from a marketable piece of classic, back-office software, but from an idea: bringing online into the world of car leasing. Based on this idea we computed algorithms. And then we arrived at the practical solutions, that make up our BLS

  • Calculating flawless quotations, combining vehicle configuration and financial leasing products;
  • Hosting and enriching data on all related assets (vehicles);
  • Enabling you to add additional data sources, such as IZMO for pictures;
  • Connecting with the main, international vehicle data suppliers. Such as JATO and EuroTax on a Pan-European level, and the local best of breed suppliers, such as RDC for the Netherlands and CAP for the UK;
  • Performing automatic build; automatically selecting a pack in case this pack becomes cheaper than individually selected options;
  • Supporting customer centric propositions, and mass customization. The BLS starts with the features your customer desires, for instance: ‘A white van with sliding doors on both sides, automatic gear and a hitch, for no more than 750 euro per month’;
  • Increasing the level of car-to-staff ratio’s, up to 300 to 600 contracts/FTE;
  • And it is specifically designed and developed for the car leasing – and mobility markets.